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Welcome to BIGCONC

What is

I want to spread the sport "soft tennis" that originated in Japan to the world. I want to develop it into Olympic sports and professional sports like other sports that are revitalized. Why are there so few professional players in the soft tennis world after playing soft tennis for many years? Isn't it originated in global sports? Even if you win the big title of winning the national tournament, why is the way of employment becoming the mainstream in general companies? It's strange and can't be helped. Soft tennis is a great sport. We received a lot of happiness from soft tennis, and as we grew up, we also had the experience of feeling hope and potential for the future. That is why I want many people to know this charm. I want to convey and revitalize this wonderful sport that started in Japan to the world. With that in mind, we established "BIGCONC" as a society to promote soft tennis. This has the meaning of "creating a big (BIG) connection (CONCLUSION) and spreading it to the world." From now on, we will take the initiative in various efforts to spread soft tennis to the world. Would you like to learn about soft tennis together, enjoy it, and spread it to the world?

BIG CONC takes on the BIG challenge of "spreading soft tennis to the world."

Specified non-profit corporation Soft Tennis Promotion Association BIGCONC

What is soft tennis?

Introducing the soft tennis competition promoted by BIGCONC.




Soft tennis is a sport that was born in 1897. It is a sport that uses rubber balls to hit the ball against the opponent across the net and compete for points. Since doubles in pairs are the mainstream, mutual combination and communication are the keys to victory. Therefore, you can learn the importance of compassion for the pair and existence. In addition, team competitions, which are the total war of each team, are also held. From soft tennis, which is an individual sport and a group sport, we will improve not only technology but also mentality and humanity.

1. Hold a seminar for elementary and junior high school students

・ Hold seminars so that elementary and junior high school students can experience the joy of soft tennis.

・ Create an environment to achieve the goals of soft tennis players (improvement of athletic ability, health promotion, training of athletes, etc.)

・ Understand what kind of thoughts elementary and junior high school students actually envision when facing soft tennis. (Implementation of questionnaire survey)

2. Operate a soft tennis tournament

・ Operate an exchange tournament that anyone can enjoy regardless of generation.

→ You can receive many stimuli such as thinking and playing style.

・ Provide a place where even those who have no experience in the game can easily participate.

3. Conduct lecture activities to convey the need for sports

・ By giving lectures, not only children but also parents will be made aware of the need for sports.

→ It will lead to raising children who will permeate the future society through sports


And to the world

・ Get to know soft tennis from overseas people in Japan.

・ Communicate the appeal and enjoyment of soft tennis around the world and make it a global sport.

Activity policy

Introducing BIGCONC's activity policy




 出場者が、2度目に負けるまで優勝のチャンスがある敗者復活戦トーナメント方式です。決勝戦は一度も負けていないプレイヤー(WINNER SIDE)と敗者復活戦から勝ち上がったプレイヤー(RIVENGE SIDE)の対戦となります。この時一度も負けていないプレイヤーが勝てばそのまま優勝となります。仮に負けた場合には、もう一度同じ対戦をする『プレーオフ』を実施し、その勝者が優勝となります。

​ この方式を採用する意図は次の通りです。





Beauty Education


 "Beauty education" is an education that fosters a rich humanity through the appreciation, creation and experience of beauty . By incorporating "beauty education" into physical education and morals already in Japanese education, you can create an opportunity to develop your mental and physical skills while learning soft tennis. At BIGCONC, we aim to develop human resources who can learn the beauty of Japan and play an active role overseas by holding not only soft tennis classes but also classes in various genres.
Mind and body by picking up garbage
And the place is also "beautiful"
After Japan's defeat at the 2018 World Cup Soccer, many foreigners praised the supporters for picking up trash while shedding the same regrets and tears as the players. Not only will the audience seats be beautiful, but the appearance of picking them up will also be beautiful. By becoming beautiful in your daily life, you can give back to yourself and the people around you. BIGCONC will take the initiative in increasing the number of beautiful human resources through soft tennis. In order to make Japan and the world beautiful, why not make it beautiful from our actions and appearance?

What is Beauty Education ?

From BIGCONC to the development of beauty education. To create a bright future for your world. BIGCONC recommends beauty education.



For a better future

BIGCONC continues to act through soft tennis


What are SDGs?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.

17 international goals for a sustainable and better world by 2030.

BIGCONC will do its utmost to achieve this goal through soft tennis.


3. Health and welfare for all

Promoting health through soft tennis, a lifelong sport

  • To improve the athletic ability and physical strength of children who will lead the future.

  • Create a happy world with healthy longevity for all men and women of all ages.


16. Peace and justice for all

To acquire sportsmanship and create a peaceful society

  • Unlike the constitutions of each country, the rules of sports are common throughout the world.

  • Aim for world peace through sports rules.

Certified as Tsukuba SDGs Partners

In Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where the BIGCONC office is located, the entire city is working on the SDGs. BIGCONC will act voluntarily and voluntarily through soft tennis to achieve the "sustainable city vision" that Tsukuba City aims for.
What is a specified non-profit organization (NPO corporation)?

Introducing a specified non-profit organization.

Specified non-profit organization (NPO corporation) is a general term for organizations that engage in various social contribution activities and do not aim to distribute profits to the members of the organization. Therefore, it is permissible to carry out a business for the purpose of profit, but the profit obtained from the business will be used for various social contribution activities. It was enforced in December 1998 with the aim of promoting the sound development of specified non-profit activities as free social contribution activities of citizens, including volunteer activities, by granting legal personality. Among the 20 fields, BIGCONC works for the purpose of "activities to promote academics, culture, arts or sports" and "activities to promote the sound development of children".

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